Welcome to Cool Stuff in Florence. 

This blog wants to be a smart guide to my favourite, unusual, cool and weird things in Florence. 

I've travelled the world and the seven seas, and I still move a lot. But I've been living in Florence, Italy, since a lifetime. Follow me, to discover the secrets and less-know stuff of the Florentine life, out of the conventional tours. 

Everyone knows Florence as the "cradle of art" and it is needless to say how enchanting is its history - there are millions of publications about. The web is abounding of complete and detailed lists of all the Churches or Museums to see, all the Alleys with the most fascinating view or all the Restaurants and Pubs. 

For who is often in Florence and need alternative tips

For those who have the vocation to get out of the pavement

But also for first time visitors who will not settle to merely visit the Uffizi Gallery 

I'm not a touristic guide and I do not want to indoctrinate you. Simply I've lumped my insights to share emotions and thoughts. 
Here you will not find impersonal lists but a selection of the most special things seen from my individual point of view. 

All texts are from my pen, pictures from my eyes, and everything refers to places where I personally went

Feel free to leave your comment, I am happy to read it. Maybe. 

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