Purple is the color of spirit and acts on our mind giving strenght and inspiration. 
Purple is pure energy: it's the union between the vitality of red and the intimacy of blue. 
Purple is widely used in religious symbolism, it glorifies life and sweetens death. 
Purple frequently emerges in children's drawings, representing their urgency of expression. 
Purple is the color of art, fantasy, dream, altruism and sensuality. 

The tradition wants the history of Florence linked to Purple and to a special flower... 

Somebody says that the foundation of Florence happened during the celebrations in honor of the goddess Flora, paying tribute to the spring's arrival. 
This should explain the origins of the city name. But there is another reason. 
Seems that the founders gave the name of Florentia also because of the hills and meadows that surrounded it, which were crowded of Iris flowers.
And still today the symbol of Florence, the Lily, has its origin from a rare and noble purple Iris flower, also known as Florentine Iris

This could be a good start to discover some secret of the city

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