Monday, July 1, 2013

A GOOD DEED FOR FLORENCE - VivaFirenze, bookings with heart

Opening:  Mon to Fri 9am to 8pm
Contacts: +39055290730

Let's give value to what you visit. If you need to book your Hotel in Florence, discover this on-line reservation website, evidence of sustainable tourism.  

Make it easy doing something for a city that you will love

Rather than fatten the wallets of on-line Hotel's reservation such as Booking or Trivago, let's try to find your florentine accomodation through this web-site driven by worthy intentions and good purposes. 

Its name is Vivafirenze and it is a pretty young project, to whom have already joined some of the best hotels in Florence. 

If, among the members structures listed on, you will find what is right for you, a part of the amount of your booking will be re-invested to support some initiatives that take care about the city of Florence. 

VivaFirenze supports many initiatives for the preservation of cultural heritage of Florence historical center (inscribed in the World Heritage list of UNESCO since 1982). Such as, for example, fundraising for the removal of written from walls and monuments of the city as well as other projects for the sensitization of a conscious tourism but also a respectful everyday life.  


Anyway, the key-word of this website is sustainability. 

At the time of booking confirmation, you will be required to select the preferred project among those current, so that you can choose how to allocate your contribution.  

This means that meanwhile you're seeking your hotel, at the same time you become conscious about the current needs of the city and you can be an active part helping to meet those needs with a single - free - click.

Yes it is, a free click. Because usually the room's price on Vivafirenze is the same that you can find elsewhere. Maybe it's just that someone is earning less for a good and honest aim! 

I hope so, and I warmly support this young project. 

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  1. Dear Alice thank you so much for your post. We are so proud to be in your "cool stuff".
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