Friday, June 28, 2013


Address: Via Curtatone 1 Lungarno Vespucci
Bus: C2 stop at via Il Prato or 14 at Favard
Opening Polimoda: Mon to Fri 9am to 8pm
Contacts: +39055275061

Discover this Villa. The heart of Fashion in the heart of Florence.  

Villa Favard, headquarter of Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing 

It is a splendid palace, one of the last big mansions in the historical center o Florence. The building was commissioned by the Baroness Fiorella Favard, which gave her name to the palace. And she went for te project of Giuseppe Poggi, an Italian Architect much in vogue among the florentine nobility of nineteenth century. 

The palace, completed around 1850, is surrounded by a lush gardens that completely isolates the building from the others nearby. That is why it's said to be a "urban villa" (quite rare in the center of Florence) and not simply a noble palace. 

Villa Favard today guests the florentine headquarter of Polimoda, International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing. The Villa is always attended by many students from all around the world, the new generation of International Fashion system. 

Polimoda's offices are located inside the Villa which from the outside seems to be on two floors but thay are actually four. Decorations inside are rich and precious and there are many wonderful frescos. This ancient opulence is immediately refreshed and actualized by the permanent exhibition of new creations by the guys attending courses for becoming fashion designers. And every six months are displayed new pieces. 

The original ballroom, characterized by precious white and gold stuccos, today is the Aula Magna where are organized conferences and the main meetings. The most important lessons are held in the adjacent rooms called "Blue de ciel" (blue sky) embellished with "Trionfi dell'Amore" frescos and "Vert et or" (green and gold) decorated with representation of the four natural elements

Daily lessons instead are held inside the "Scuderie" of Villa Favard, the ancient horses stables in front of the Villa, capable of accomodating around seven hundreds students in an atmosphere where the clean lines and minimalist colors are designed to allow the maximum development of creativity and individual expression. 

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