Sunday, June 23, 2013

BORN NATURAL ELEGANCE - Pitti Immagine fashion fair

Address: Fortezza da Basso, Florence 
Opening: 1 week in January, 1 in June
Info and booking:
Price: € 30  

Find out some pictures taken by insiders of international fashion at the trendiest event in Florence...

Florence, capital of fashion with Pitti Immagine 

Did you know that the first fashion show was actually born in Florence? Was the early 50s when the marquis Giovanni Battista Giorgini coordinated the ateliers of the best florentine tailors to create the first big event that marked the birth of contemporary fashion. This first fashion show was held in Palazzo Pitti that still today gives its name to the most important florentine fashion event. Ladies and gentleman, here it is Pitti Immagine...   

With its two editions Pitti Uomo - focused on men's fashion, and Pitti W - for women, the fair occupies the whole area of Fortezza da Basso, the fortress built up around 1500 and still intact today. The fortress stands on what once was the perimeter of the fortification walls of the ancient city of Florentia and then replaced by large avenues (high-density traffic area today, especially in the Pitti's week). 
The charm of this fortress is given by its militaristic rigor and by the monochromatic stones which is made of. But this austerity is also capable to welcome the fashion kermess that every six months overturns the fortress with the latest fashion trends and upsets all the city with many events and parties.  

Describing it in a nutshell, Pitti Immagine represents the occasion for fashion brands - some already famous and other emerging, from the classic ones to street style - to exhibit their new products. And, to get noticed among others (last edition of Pitti Uomo had over 1.000 exhibitors), creativity can not miss.

clothes (and old cars) made in Italy
let's rock!

bar inspired

the emerging designer Jimi Roos

Inside - Pitti's hall, and outside - squares and gardens of the fort, new collections are displayed with the purpose of impressing visitors, buyers and journalists attending the fair (last edition were about 30.000 attendance). 

G-Star's army
outdoor laundry?

new dandies 
elegant guardians

Obviously fashion is not just products. Fashion is a feeling, is an emotion. And it is made by people! And Pitti people is all around the city, attending cocktail party organized by the stores, or the evening catwalks in the most prestigious florentine palaces, having a dinner in some traditional restaurant or just chilling out open-air...

But the best is yet to come.. check out these amazing shoots of Pitti People... 

Some of these shoots are taken by the official photographers hired by Pitti Immagine, among whom I quote - and I thank - my good friend and excellent professional Michele Michelsanti. ..But you can meet Pitti people everywhere in Florence in these special days! 


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