Friday, May 3, 2013


Address: Viale Guidoni 61, western suburb of Florence 
Bus lines: 22 or line G, stop at Guidoni 

Someone has described it as one of the ugliest building in the world. But not everyone agrees...

Austere angles, glass and steel: the Florentine Courthouse seems Gotham City

This colossal building was designed in the Seventies by architect Ricci. 
The construction, however, has never started before 2000, due to mishaps, bureaucracy, and procurement problems. It was finally ended in 2011. 

Located in the western suburb of Florence, the building (800.000 square meters) was intended to bring together all judicial offices throughout the city, but it's accused of beign overly large: 240 meters long and 146 wide, with a tower of 72 meters, one of the highest of Florence. 

Someone also disputes the questionable choise of colors compared to the surrounding environment. 
In 2012 it was ranked fifth in the list compiled by Virtual Tourist about "the ugliest buildings in the world"! 

But I personally disagree with the Virtual Tourist opinion. 

The geometric volumes, acute angles and combination of colors, give a certain austerity to the building. 

Okay, I must admit. "Beautiful" is not the appropriate word for it. But its suspended walkaway, the so many pointed towers and contrasts between full or empty architectonic space, give to it something of science-fiction that surprises and leaves me speechless. 

And if you get there by night you feel like you arrived in Gotham City...

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