Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Address: Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence
Bus: Line 12, stop at Michelangelo
How to get there: The entrance is to the left of David, looking at his face (not his back!) 
Opening: Only 1 month a year, usually May

If you visit Florence in May you cannot miss il Giardino degli Iris...

Iris Garden: ancient flowers and modern challenges  

If you visit Florence in May you cannot miss il Giardino degli Iris. This garden is fully dedicated to Iris flowers. A luxurious oasis, litterally just out-door - it's a stone's throw from Porta San Niccolò (the Medieval door!).

Here you can find ancient and new kind of iris, some rare species and some water lilies. Among these, the Japanese and Louisiana iris which are accommodated in the marshy ground of a pond appositively for them.


The garden is crossed by an up and down of stone paths and old stairs, among hundreds of flowers. All in full quiet, the garden extends on the hillside of Piazzale Michelangelo, a well known panoramic point of the city where you can have one of the most amazing view over Florence.


The garden was founded in 1954 with the purpose of hosting a competition for the best varieties of iris. Since that year there is an international competition that attracts in Florence many botanists, and specialists in hybridization. 


Well, you know that iris flower represents the city of Florence (specifically it is a Lily deriving from a rare and noble purple iris). And you also should know that this lily, symbol of Florence, in reality doesn't exist in nature because it is scarlet red. 

But maybe you don't know that many flower researchers are still working on breeding by crossing different species trying to get the red iris! 

Who knows, maybe just during your visit here the legendary red flower will blossom... 

Anyway, I highly recommend to not forget that these flowers satisfy not only the eyes but also the sense of smell. It is incredible how their fragrances may vary depending on the different species. 



  1. Very beautiful beautiful... I really like that..

  2. Mi piache molto! It is many years since I spoke Italian and Italy is the home of my heart even tho I am English..Iris are also my passion so thank you for showing this..I hope to get to see it before i can no longer walk.