Monday, April 29, 2013


Address: Viale Paolieri, Florence
Bus: Line 30 stop at Stagni di Focognano
Guided tours: Thu. Sat. and Sunday 
Open 10am to 12 Sep-May 2 to 4pm Oct-Feb
For booking: +39055477876
Price: Free offer from € 5

Discover a living open-air museum of natural history of about 35 hectares...

Protected natural park of WWF 

The oasis Stagni di Focognano (Focognano's ponds) has been realized in close proximity to the A1 highway, between a large landfill and its composting plant. It's in Campi Bisenzio, 20-25 minutes by bus from the city center. It is located in the middle of an industrial area but once you enter this park, managed by WWF, you forget immediately pollution, the city lights and urban noises to realize that you're catapulted into a completely green paradise where the only sound is birdsong. 

Today the surroundings of Florence appear largely urbanized after the great land reclamation of the first half of this century, so the oasis was born to recreate the lost typical landscape of the historical environment of florentine territory. 

If it's true that walking in the historic center of Florence you have the impression of reliving the Middle Ages or Renaissance but thanks to this oasis you can jump into a historical experience inside nature. Here you can enjoy the same visual and auditory sensation that was felt daily by our ancestor, who have inhabited the area around Florence over the centuries. 

Since most of the area was originally swampy, 5 lakes have been realized and over time the native vegetation naturally surrounded waters, creating the perfect habitat to attract the autochthonous animal species, which were disappearing because of overbuilding. 

It's something like a living open-air museum of natural history of about 35 hectares. 
Wild canes, spontaneous butcher's broom, Tuscan orchids, field daises, oaks... 

You can book a day for birdwatching (incredible variety) or walking around with an expert and passionate guide which will explain the ambition of the project. It's an avant-garde experiment able to put you in touch with the authentic nature, not moderate by man. 

It makes you realize that, despite the barbaric cementification, nature is always ready to bloom again. 

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